Start Areas

The Half Marathon starts at the Mishawaka Amphitheatre, a legendary music venue, restaurant and bar.  The Mishawaka is a huge supporter of the event and will even be open and serving coffee to runners before the race!

The 5-Mile race starts at Gateway Natural Area, where the North Fork of the Poudre River joins the main river. Tucked away from the road just minutes from Fort Collins is a beautiful natural playground. The 5 mile race starts on the dirt road next to the river and joins the half marathon course on the canyon road in ~0.5 miles from the start.

Be sure to visit these amazing venues throughout the year!

Finish Area & Post-Race Party

The Finish Line is located at the bottom of the canyon ~0.5 miles before Ted’s Place (intersection of Hwy 14 and 287).

Enjoy a post-race party on private land with views of the foothills, clean mountain air, locally sourced food, music & amazing locally brewed BEER!

Initially you might not think there are similarities between running and craft beer, and you’d be right. But, there is a likeness between the people who love both. The people who work hard and play hard. The adventurists who end a long hike with a campfire and a beer. The runners who keep running long after their muscles are tired, yet have a thirst for a cold one to celebrate their new PR. We enjoy these people. They set goals and smash them. They sweat and ache, but keep running. They know its about the journey and the destination. Most importantly they know its about the race and the celebration. They savor the finish line with their friends and family…and a craft beer, because they deserve it.